Donating Disclaimer

If you would like to donate to offset the cost of our server hosting then we would be incredibly thankful. Just type in an amount and click the "donate" button. You can also do this manually by sending to the PayPal email "". *ATTENTION* Please read the disclaimer inside of the Donations forum BEFORE donating. Thank you.

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Donating Disclaimer

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:11 pm

Hello Everyone,

If you have donated already we thank you so much for your generous contribution. Each donation helps offset our monthly cost to host our server. As of late we have been getting a lot of requests for reserved slots and other common "perks" that other servers give to people that donate.

If the ARK server gets to a point where it becomes full 24/7 then we plan on offering reserved slots for $5 a month.

As you all have noticed our servers are a bit different than everyone else's, and in good ways. As you know we are not a clan based community so we offer no favoritism to anyone. We treat everyone equal. Most other servers require their members to make monthly donations to their clan server and we do not do this. We feel that since you already paid for the game, and your internet you should not HAVE to pay to play online, period. Now we recognize and thank our generous donators for their contributions however we want to make something perfectly clear. There are no "perks", favoritism, special treatment, or special privileges given for donating (ie: immunity from being banned, admin privileges)...ect. And just the same there are no disincentives, consequences, or condemnation if you do not donate.

Now, with that being said. It is in everyone's best interest that our server stays running since your player data is saved there. To be clear, we are in no danger now or in the future of shutting down due to finances.

But to be candid and honest, I do work an entry level Pharmacy job since I'm still in college. I would ideally like donations to cover the monthly cost of hosting the server instead of that money coming out of my pocket. So until we offer paid reserved slots, any donations will be much obliged.

Best Regards,
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