What are the ways to get Madden 20 Ultimate Team Cards

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What are the ways to get Madden 20 Ultimate Team Cards

Post by WendyG » Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:18 am

In Ultimate Team, NFL Cards are the biggest competition among players, because it determines which players you can get in your own team, Here we list several ways how to get Madden 20 Ultimate Team Cards.

Taking part in challenges is the common, basic and easiest ways to obtain cards.The next one is the auction house. everything you get in Madden 20 can be put in the auction house, especially cards, because this is the most valuable item in the Ultimate Team. And you can sell them to others in exchange for Madden Coins after priced them based on how much the community values them.

There is another method through packs, which is related to Madden 20 Coins or real money. You can get a random pack at any time through money or coins, so it is uncertain which card you can get, and most of the time you can only get the ones you already have unless you want to keep buying countless packs, which means you spend more money.

This method of operation is to let players spend money to get rewards randomly, so you are not recommended to do this all the time, because the probability of you getting valuable cards is very low, even null.

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