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UT2004 Administrator Code of Conduct v1.0

Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:43 pm

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this post is to be transparent with the community. We would like to make clear to everyone what the expectations of our admins are. If anyone sees an administrator acting outside of this required conduct, please contact me with evidence. If you would like to apply to be an Administrator, please submit an application.

In this post you will find detailed expectations and requirements for what it takes to be an admin on our UT2004 server.

1.) Be A Good Rolemodel:

As an admin the players will look up to you. It is your job to be an exemplary example to our players and to let them know that there are consequences for breaking the server rules. As an admin you are bound to not only enforce but to abide by our Server Rules.

2.) Loyalty:

We are looking for admins that have only 100% loyalty to our server. We want admins with the interests of Gaming Madness at heart. We firmly believe in a server that serves the public. As such our admins:

Cannot be an admin at any other server than our own.
Cannot be a member of a clan
Cannot wear clan tags
Cannot promote other servers

3.) Transparency:

Do not interfere with gameplay. Keep the use of your admin powers to spawn items and the like to a minimum. Using your admin powers too much can cause the next map to crash. Also spawning stuff all of the time will make players jealous which will cause very unwanted drama. Also do not spawn monsters in invasion as you will throw off the wave countdown. Your admin powers should be primarily used for changing maps that crash, and kicking and banning players for causing trouble and breaking the rules. At the same time do not cause trouble yourself (See #1). When you get down to it you should not need to have to login to admin in the game 99% of the time as Web Admin has all of the necessary functionality. Also if you do happen to be logged in the game as admin then please make sure to log out at the end of the round before the map ends or the next map could crash.

4.) Impartiality:

Your admin powers are privileges that are meant to keep order in the server. Do not use them to enact revenge on a player, do not use them to give players special treatment, do not harass, instigate or belittle players with your admin powers.

5.) Paperwork:

As an admin if you discipline a player by banning or kicking them that in itself is ok as long as it is justified. In order to prove whether a ban is justified or not you will be required to abide by our BANLIST Rules.

5.) Presence:

As an admin you will be in charge of helping to maintain order on the server and enforce the server rules. We need admins that will be on the server. We strive to maintain a diverse staff that can provide 24/7 admin coverage on the server. If there is a situation that requires attention during your usual shift and you cannot make it, please notify the administrator group to ask for replacement coverage.

6.) Maturity:

We are not looking for crybabies or admins that throw hissie fits. We are looking for admins who operate with grace under pressure (See #1) and don't let their emotions effect their decisions (See #4). If you get upset in game with a player or are upset with another admins behavior then exploding in game is not acceptable. Our forums have private messages and the admin section for complaints.

I believe all of these are the traits of a phenomenal admin. I have played many video games in my life and nothing destroys a server faster than a bad admin. All of these rules should be easy to follow if you are a mature, respectful, have integrity, and are fair. If following these rules seem difficult or doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then being a server admin here probably isn't for you. Please reply to this topic acknowledging that you read the code of conduct (list the version number) and that you agree to its terms.
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Re: UT2004 Administrator Code of Conduct v1.0

Post by slayerdrango » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:09 pm

Yes, i except the terms. and i Play almost every DAY! :bow: :angel:

Looks like you need to add the server address to Gametracker to: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info ... p_players/?
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