Post in here to enter in our monthly reserved slot give away! Read the Terms/Conditions before entering into the contest.

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Post by BaronVonRotterdam » Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:10 pm

Hello Everyone,

Each month we will host a contest to see who wins a single reserved slot for the duration of one month. Here are the rules:


1.) Your forum name MUST be your in game name. If it is not post your in game name in your post. I will contact you about changing your forum name to your in game name to simplify things.

2.) You have to have played on our server for atleast 1 full week before being eligible to enter. This is equal to atleast 168 hours of playtime. This will be verified by GameTracker.

3.) One post counts as an entry. Simply make a SINGLE post of whatever and you will be entered. One post per user. Multiple accounts and posts will be deleted and disqualified.

4.) Admins are not eligible.


1.) If you win the reserved slot you agree to adhere to our Server Rules. Winning a slot does not make you immune from following the rules. Should any kicks or bans be received during your reserved slot period the time you spend out of the game will not be "refunded". Meaning your reserved slot lasts exactly 1 month. If you win the slot and get banned for 1 month right after then you just wasted your slot.

2.) You may not buy or sell the right to your reserved slot. Reserved slots are non transferable. If you don't want the slot DO NOT enter the contest. This means you cannot enter the contest on someone elses behalf to increase their chance of winning.

3.) You can win up to 12 times per year if you are to be so fortunate.

Lottery Mechanic:

1.) On the last day of the month I will make a topic for the next months reserved slot. The post will last only 1 full day. The slot will go active on the 1st of the new month.

2.) The winner will be decided by post #. I will take the # of posts and use http://www.random.org to choose the winner. The winner will be a number between 2 and the total amount of entries. The number generated will be the winner.

Good Luck :pbjtime:
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